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Happy Birthday Dave Franco (12th June, 1985)

I go to sleep every night with 34 pounds of cat on top of me. That would probably scare off 90 percent of the Tinder community, but for the 10 percent that embrace it, I’ve got nothing to hide from there.


Stydia - the pattern


So today is Lydia Martin Appreciation Day! You know the drill: Tag all of your favorite Lydia GIFS, graphics, Fic Recs, Poetry, Crafts, Artwork, etc, with "Lydia Martin Appreciation Day" and I’ll do some reblogging! 

Shout out to alexskarsgardss for today’s GIFS! 

Goo lydia

favorite movies: A Walk to Remember (2002) 
"Our love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it."

I love this movie


Who else is ready to see these girls kick ass this season?

Usher - Good Kisser
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Good Kisser


I’m gonna fuckin shit if Josh doesn’t win The Voice. He’s been killing it on the iTunes Charts for weeks but when it comes to the finals there’s a fuck up? What the fuck is that shit. At least no one gets iTunes points.
Usher has been calling out the producers bullshit. So, if this goes south you better believe he’s going to blow the lid off of this competition.

Right though


Usher & Adam Levine - “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

I hated school, I hated school. And I didn’t realize why. I thought I was…I was, I thought there was something wrong with me for hating school, for not being able to deal with school. At the time it was ingrained in me that school was: if you’re not successful in school you’re not going to be successful in life. And the hierarchy with the subjects at school, like the arts are given no credence. And if they are, it’s false credence. So, I look back on it and and I’m angry. I’m angry about it because, you know, there might be a brilliant ballerina somewhere in school who’s being forced to do maths, and she sees it difficult. But if she’s just allowed to express whatever gifts she has to offer then she would be happy and then she could make hundreds of thousands of other people joyous for a couple of hours per night.
Andrew Garfield (via andrewgarfielddaily)